Dispelling the Myths about Cruising

There are many myths surrounding cruise holidays – and some of them put people off booking an exciting holiday afloat. Now Silver Travel Advisor, the travel review and advice site specifically for over 50’s, has come up with its Ten Top Tips to dispel some of those myths:

Cruises are for `oldies’. One of the great joys of cruising is that there is a ship for everyone, according to age, interests and taste. The choice ranges from adventure cruises in the Arctic, to family cruises with kids’ clubs in the Med.

Cruises are expensive. They can be, but many aren’t – and the keyword is value. Cruises offer exceptional holiday value because meals, activities, entertainment, and sometimes even drinks, are included in the holiday price. Standards are exceptional on many ships, often much higher than on land.

Cruises are too formal and dressy. Not always! Cruise lines will advise you of their dress code and you can choose your cruise according to whether you like to dress up, dress down, or simply be relaxed and casual. Many have moved away from the `bling’ and black tie. tradition

I can’t cruise, I get seasick. Stabilisers and modern technology on board help the ship navigate smoothly wherever possible, and much of the time guests are unaware that they are on a moving ship. If the worst happens, medication is available on board.

Cruising isn’t safe. Cruising has an excellent safety record, and safety standards are now higher than ever, with obligatory safety-at-sea drills on all ships, on every cruise.

There’s nothing to do at sea. Cruise lines worked out years ago that having a captive audience on `sea days’ means lots of willing participants in sports and games and `enrichment’ programmes – such as learning a skill, a new hobby or a language. You simply have to find time to pick the activities that you want to join, and to plan your time to fit it all in.

Cruises are too long. Mini-cruises, often from UK ports to the Western Med or to the Baltic, give new cruisers the chance of a taste of cruising before committing to a longer cruise

Cruises are too regimented. Some cruises have set dining times and dress codes, but others have a far more relaxed ambience and more freedom. A good cruise travel agent will guide you through the different cruise lines and what they offer.

Cruising is old fashioned. No other sector of the travel industry has invested so much in its infrastructure and its product.  It’s not just the ships that are modern, but the amenities and the range of activities. These days, the attention of detail goes right down to the quality of the beds, the bedding, the crockery and the family facilities.

Cruises are mass market and tacky. On the contrary, standards on board many cruise ships are as high, or higher, than  in the best shore side restaurants and hotels. Some of the top luxury cruise lines exceeding 5* standards of luxury and service.

For more cruise news and reviews from Silver Travel Advisor, visit http://www.silvertraveladvisor.com/reviews/cruise-reviews





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