“Press Trip” takes the lid off…er…Press trips

Is it an autobiography? A Fleet Street memoir? Or a travelogue? Hopefully, my latest book, “Press Trip” is all three – as well as taking readers on a rollicking ride around the world in the company of some larger-than-life characters.

“Press Trip” has been available as an e-book, on Amazon, for a year now, and has attracted some stunning reviews. Now, in response to demand, it has been republished as a paperback. If you have worked in travel during the past four decades, especially as a travel writer or in travel PR, there’s a fair chance your name will crop up on the pages. But this is not necessarily a book just for travel “insiders”; travellers and armchair travellers alike will find much to inform and entertain them.

You can still download it as an e-book of course: it will cost you only £1.95. But if you prefer a real paper-and-print version then your own copy of “Press Trip” will cost you £8.95. Mail me a cheque for £10.95 (to include £2 postage and packing) and I’ll rush you a copy. The addresses (either will do) are on this website.

“Couldn’t put it down”, “Laughed out loud” – those are two of the comments relayed back to Amazon. I hope and believe you will agree. And if “Press Trip” also reveals some of the secrets of…er….Press trips, well, nothing is sacrosanct!


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