Sailing back to a golden age

As this website seems to have taken on a rather nautical flavour of late, we thought we’d let our favourite PR lady, Mary Stuart-Miller, tell us more about a very special form of cruising: a sailing holiday in tall ships which recreate the days of the tea clippers – albeit with a lot more luxury.

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” 

One hundred and forty years after adventurer and novelist Mark Twain wrote these evocative words, the three tall ships in the Star Clippers’ fleet recreate the golden age of sail all year, writes Mary Stuart-Miller. Guests can explore, dream and discover new destinations each day, as these magnificent, fully-crewed ships sail the Mediterranean, Caribbean and the coastal waters of Indonesia, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia and Central America.

Slipping into safe harbours, or dropping anchor offshore, Star Flyer, her sister ship Star Clipper, and the flagship, Royal Clipper, open up new adventures of discovery each day for the adventurous passengers who choose to cruise in this unique and magical way.

Crew members sporting maritime stripes, officers with gold-braided white uniforms, and smiling bar and restaurant staff make the ships a comfortable and fun place to enjoy a sundowner with new friends. Each day, crew serve a delicious breakfast, a spectacular buffet lunch (often themed to reflect the sailing location), and a six-course a la carte dinner – all in surroundings akin to a vast private yacht, with varnished wood and gleaming brass evoking the style of the historic sailing ships.

While away a few hours on a sun-lounger on the sun-baked teak decks, climb the rigging with the sports crew, snorkel, kayak or water-ski, join the Captain for story time, or take a turn at the ship’s wheel and to relive the centuries old sailing tradition.

Unique, original and unforgettable, Star Clippers’ sailing voyages will catch the wind in the sails of the most experienced cruiser, or complete newcomers, to experience this exhilarating way to discover the world’s ports, beaches, villages, cities and harbours. From a `toe in the water’ few days’ sailing, to a week or two afloat, or a magnificent relocation cruise from Europe to Asia or the Caribbean – there is plenty to choose from.

Sailing beneath thousands of feet of billowing sails, lit up at night by a myriad of white lights, the ships leave anchor to the emotive strains of Vangelis’s inspirational `1492 Conquest of Paradise’, sailings that bring life-long memories, new friends, new experiences and the chance to throw off the bowlines, explore, dream and discover.


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